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June Update: Ministry in Costa Rica

Ways to Pray and Action in Jaco


The Mission House property(above) is coming along well! Maybe you've wondered what our living situation is like in Costa Rica. Well, we've lived in 7 different places in Jaco and God is providing a way for us to have our own home for ministry and family purposes. This photo may not look like much, but below the home is a large retaining wall and parking area that has taken much of the time and energy in 2023. Now we're at the fun part!

Before we share more about ministry, please be praying about the fundraising of the total building project. We've raised 55% of the total project to cover all costs. We plan to live in the Mission House until we raise enough funds for the Family House beside it. The "Donate" buttons on this blog will quickly take you to the donation page to support the overall project. This enables us to thrive in our ministry and family!

Someday when you're here you'll have to meet Selah's nanny Shelinne(right photo above). We just celebrated Shelinne's birthday with many of the children she cares for in the church. We're grateful to God to have a caretaker that not only provides Spanish and nurturing support, but also has such a care and love for Selah. She goes above and beyond caring for her when we need assistance. Selah is approaching 7 months old and is just beginning to crawl! She's healthy and won't stop talking and moving. Continue praying for Shelinne as she cares for Selah. Pray for Selah as she continues to develop and remain healthy. Pray that God gives us wisdom as parents.

Time is flying here as ministries are growing and good change is happening in Jaco. After completing a relationship and dating series with the teenagers, we're able to take a 2-week break to make some mid-year evaluations and give our volunteer leaders a rest. Pray for some quality time of visioning for the rest of the year and for God to continue to provide volunteer leaders to mentor kids ages 12-17. Below you can see our Spanish and English small groups in action discussing the Bible, God, faith and relationships.

As we prepare to move into our new home in a few months, we are naturally dreaming about how we can continue making a deeper impact in Costa Rica. Pray that God gives us wisdom in this new season approaching.

Thank you for all of your prayer and care - please feel free to contact us anytime!

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