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The Type of Change Happening in Jaco

Here in this photo you see me(Todd) on the left and a student named Gabriel on the right. Instead of teaching in a monological style, we see the effectiveness in involving our students and equipping them to be the teachers.

I'm getting to interview him, kinda like a podcast, about what God is doing in his life as we talk about the work of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. It's always personal, practical and powerful for our students on Thursday nights.

I'm proud of so many students like Gabriel, who dedicate their time towards serving others and being a light to their community. I remember meeting Gabriel a couple years ago. It was during the middle of the pandemic and he(like everybody else during that time) was going through some personal battles.

Gabriel has gained such a confidence and sense of purpose since he arrived here. He encourages me in my own walk with Jesus.

This is the type of impact that I think brings the most meaning but is mostly unseen. It's easy to talk about repairing a house, or responding to flooded neighborhoods, or having a powerful experience at weekend camp.

But the real impact you are making with your generosity is the opportunities for students and families lives to be changed. This change is gradual and mostly unexciting in the process.

-It's the daily engagement in authentic community.

-It's the weekly mentorship conversations about personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

-It's in the mundane rhythms of following Jesus at home, school, church, in town.

-It's consistency of the little things that turns into big change.

It aligns with 3 goals we have for young people here:

1. Ownership in Their Faith. Not their parents, not their mentors, they are rooted themselves in the faithfulness of God.

2. Using their God-Given Gifts and Strengths for the sake of others

3. Becoming Servant Leaders for their current and future seasons.

It's mostly unseen, but this is the real impact that is happening here. We are grateful you are a part of the journey.

You can always see what's going on and give online by clicking the button below:


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