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Tour de Yancey Numero Dos: Our final week in the U. S.

We left our home in Charleston almost three weeks ago to visit with family and friends in the Asheville and Columbia areas. We are currently getting ready to leave for Jaco, CR this coming Tuesday (June 5th).


We are officially under one week before we depart for the mission field and we are working to finalize all the last minute details.

We are set to leave for Jaco, Costa Rica next Tuesday, June 5th at 7am out of Columbia, SC. We should arrive at the San Jose airport by 2:00pm EST (12pm Costa Rica Time).

There are members from Horizon Church who are going to pick us up from the airport and bring us to Jaco where we can settle in. So grateful for those who are helping us a with all the transitions and working to provide housing/transportation for our arrival.

Would you be praying for the following as the time draws near?

1) Travel Day Logistics: We have a lot of moving parts (haha no pun intended) that will be happening next Tuesday. Please pray for favor as we make our way with all 8 containers and dogs through customs.

2) Legal Paperwork: There are some last minute paperwork items that we are waiting to get in the mail to help with our visa/residency process. Asking that those arrive on time!

3) Good Health: Both of us are fighting colds (Alicia has had a small case of bronchitis and just finished her meds today- still coughing and low energy). Asking for full, well rested bodies as we make the final preps for travel.

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Todd and Alicia Yancey met in 2009 at Montreat College. They served together with Young Life and began dating in 2011 while Alicia was living in Jaco, Costa Rica for her college internship. They married in 2012 and a year later moved to Charleston, S.C. to serve at Saint Peter's Church, which has become the sending church for the Yancey's as missionaries. The Yancey's moved to Jaco in June 2018 and continue to raise support for ministry. They both love being with people, drinking lots of coffee, a good book, the outdoors and playing with their two dogs River and Cali. 



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