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A Special Night

Discovering God's Faithfulness in the Search for Identity, Belonging and Purpose.

You and I can't function as we're meant to without a true sense of identity, belonging, and purpose.


Most of the world's problems derive from a dysfunction or lack of these three things. In the Scriptures, we see our true identity, belonging, and purpose as we've become new creations in Christ, purchased by His blood, called to a heavenly family, and designed to do good works for others.


Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to hear the beautiful story of THE VERY FIRST Horizon Youth student (Thomas) coming to an understanding of his own identity, sense of belonging, and purpose. Truth is, it did not come easy for him, but as we celebrated his graduation, he told stories of God using hardship to teach him what he needs to know before he steps into his new season of life.

  • He had to wrestle with trusting others in a transient town. Jaco is a place where people come and go.

  • He had to be a part of a brand new youth program that no one had ever experienced before.

  • He didn't know how to use the gifts God had given him yet.

Fast forward a few years later:


  • He's part of the student leadership team, particularly on stage leading with the worship team.

  • He's participating in small groups with other people who want to grow and understand their true identity, belonging, and purpose.

  • He confidently spoke in front of 60 people about how God's been faithful to him in the ups and downs of being a teenager.

  • Students asked their own questions to Thomas, clearly showing they related to him and shared the same struggles or doubts.

We then invited students to come up and pray. As shown in the picture above, it was a special time of prayer, fellowship, and blessing over him.


These are the nights that remind us of why we do what we do!

Mission House Needs and

Financial Update:

The urgency of meeting our financial goal within the next 2 months is becoming more critical as our builders will soon be transitioning from finishing the Mission House to starting the foundation of our Family House next door. Together we've raised $134,700 of the $240,000 goal.


Without funds to continue to build we would have to put phase 2 of the project(Family House) on hold, preventing our ability to host people in the Mission House and to move into a proper home for our family.


Will you pray about giving generously to the project today and share this with people who may be interested in God's mission in Costa Rica? (directions and more photos below)


Thankfully, the Mission House is staying on track to be move-in ready in September. This will be an incredible extension of our ministry! The main purpose of this Mission House will be to host families, pastors, ministry leaders or anyone engaged in our ministry. People visit here for short and long term experiences for cultural engagement, personal development or restoration. It's going to be a blessing for thousands of people.


The house building project fixes a major problem our family has faced.

We've lived in 7 different places in Jaco and God is providing a way for us to have our own home for ministry and family purposes. Help our ministry and family be fully sustainable. Thank you!


Step 1: Click HERE for our Missionary Giving Page 

Step 2: Choose to give either to our general fund by pressing "Donate" or directly to the Mission House Project(monthly, quarterly or one-time)

Step 3: Fill out the short form and you're set! 

Thank you for your prayer and support!

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