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Putting the Ways of Childhood Behind Us

| Restoring the Rite of Passage for Our Youth |

Remember the R&B group Boyz 2 Men? (How can you not?!)

A couple years ago our pastor at Horizon Church established a rite of passage man-trip for his teenagers after they turned 16. These trips have become some of my most meaningful experiences in our time in Costa Rica as we mentor young people.

In addition to the father and 16 year old son, it involves a handful of mentors of various ages, an outdoor challenge(in this case it was rafting), extended time away, and intentional conversations about 4 themes:

1: Godly men courageously follows God's word

2: Godly men love and protect God's women

3: Godly men excel and God's work

4: Godly men better God's world

(inspired by the men's ministry entitled "Better Man")

This is something I wish I had growing up as a teenager. These rites of passages are vital experiences for those that have gone ahead of us to speak truth and value into our God-given identities, to call us away from our childish ways to live a life of purpose. It's a call to live to the high standards of the kingdom of God. It's a time full of stories of God's faithfulness throughout our lives. I think of the apostle Paul's words to the church in Corinth:

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. (1 Cor. 13:11)

Do you have people speaking truth in your lives?

Are you trying to follow Jesus alone?

Are you living fully into your purpose?

Have you embraced your God-given identity?

These are conversations we have here and we'd love to have with you. Feel free to respond or to share how we can pray for you.

Check out how you can pray for and support our mission and family below!


Mission House Construction Progress and Needs

We continue to see your prayers being answered(James 5:16) and our heart with these newsletters is to encourage and update you through devotionals, prayer updates and needs.

That said, the urgency of meeting our financial goal within the next 2 months is becoming more critical as our builders will soon be transitioning from finishing the Mission House to starting the foundation of our Family House next door. Together we have $105,300 MORE to raise to meet our goal.

Without funds to continue to build we would have to put phase 2 of the project(Family House) on hold, preventing our ability to host people in the Mission House and to move into a proper home for our family.

Will you pray about giving generously to the project today and share this with people who may be interested in God's mission in Costa Rica? (directions and more photos below)

Thankfully, the Mission House is staying on track to be move-in ready in September. This will be an incredible extension of our ministry! The main purpose of this Mission House will be to host families, pastors, ministry leaders or anyone engaged in our ministry. People visit here for short and long term experiences for cultural engagement, personal development or restoration. It's going to be a blessing for thousands of people.

The house building project fixes a major problem our family has faced.

We've lived in 7 different places in Jaco and God is providing a way for us to have our own home for ministry and family purposes. Help our ministry and family be fully sustainable. Thank you!

Step 1: Click HERE for our Missionary Giving Page

Step 2: Choose to give either to our general fund by pressing "Donate" or directly to the Mission House Project(monthly, quarterly or one-time)

Step 3: Fill out the short form and you're set!

Equipping the youth of Jacó to follow the way of Jesus and to become servant leaders

Our work consists of:

  • Next Generation Leadership Program

  • Mentorship and Small Groups

  • Local Service and Outreach Endeavors

  • Empowering English and Spanish Leaders and Establishing Sustainable Ministry

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