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We're Halfway There!

*pictured above: in process of building a retaining wall and driveway

for the future Mission House and Family House*

Growing in influence doesn't come without growth in dependency on God.

Life has been full here for the past couple weeks. God is continuing to grow us as followers of Christ as we lead here and make an impact on young people and mentors. Growing in influence doesn't come without dependency on God. Jesus' words in the beatitudes and sermon on the mount has been water for my soul as we feel like we are living one day at a time, yet God is using us in our weakness and limitations. In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, how to take one day at a time, trusting him for "daily bread." In the past the Israelites complained about what God was providing for them in the wilderness. Now as redeemed people in Jesus we can have confidence in Jesus' work and providing. Gratitude becomes the beginning of what we do, knowing God is the giver of all good things.

-Pray we will continue to walk and speak boldly as we equip youth mentors and walk with students in their walk in faith.

-Pray as we're beginning a series on relationships, sexuality and dating. We know this can be incredibly formational for young students in their pursuit of authentic, pure relationships that Jesus made us for.

-How can we pray for you?

-I challenge you to take some time in quiet and prayer in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Housing Project Update - August Completion Goal with Mission House: Thank you for all of your prayers as the house project continues to build momentum. A home here will enable us to have stronger stability in our ministry and family as we serve here.

After almost 5 years of living here, we're ready to deepen our roots and continue investing in the mission here. We're in process of building both: a Mission House to host teams, families and leaders to come serve; a 3 bedroom family home(1100 sq ft) right next to the Mission House(800sq ft).

We've raised 50% of our $240,000 project budget. This includes every detail from the property to all building costs. This means we still have $120,000 to raise. The sooner we raise this the sooner we are living in a stable home for family and ministry to thrive.

Will you pray about giving towards the building project?

(property photo and details below)

*Baby Selah and our nanny friend Sheilenne. Selah is healthy and almost 6 months old! *We do not apologize for overwhelming cuteness.*

Give Today Towards

the Building Campaign

The Details and Ways to Give Today:

  • Financing in Costa Rica is not ideal so we have developed a project proposal to share with you. The proposal provides all building and budget plans. We have a particular line item for the Mission House on our donation page. Reply to this email for more info and the PDF.

  • The particular link to give can be found HERE or click one of the yellow giving boxes above in this newsletter

  • PRAY with us! God is providing!

  • If you ever desire to give on a monthly basis towards the normal operations of ministry you can give on a monthly or quarterly basis online as well (just press the yellow give button above.)

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